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Equine Advocate News

Read about their latest horse and mule rescues and important information on a
Pennsylvania State bill that would allow crippled and injured horses to be
shipped to slaughter.

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Effective January 5, 2000 everyone under the age of fourteen is required
to wear an ASTM approved helmet when on horseback. Riding instructors and
other "horse providers" are required to make helmets available to beginning
riders and to riders less than fourteen years of age.

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Photo Gallery

Bentley, 1999 Fox Hunter Cross. Congratulations to Sheri Hyman!

Chico, a 1995 Nokota gelding owned by Kat Bauder of Phonexville, PA

Team Nokota member Pam Pew and her Nokota gelding Blue

Congratulations to Lee Seymour and Nippy.

Congratulations to Barbara Franzese and Flirt
on the birth of Blue Jean Baby 5/5/02

Flirt and her baby, 1 day old

She is about 10 minutes old here

Linda Myers and Mon Cher of Sag Harbor, NY
spent the winter in Wellington, FL

Congratulations to Barbara and Ken Franzese
Blue Crest Farm El Cajon, CA

Joan Muller and Dutch, her 3 y.o. Hanoverian
Amagansett, New York

Good luck to Susan Nuckols and Mercury
Indian Springs, Alabama

Horse Laughs

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