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August 2000


Dear Friends:

We are celebrating our fourth birthday with a lot to be thankful
for and much good news!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who contributed to the
rescue of DUKE and DON, the two Amish workhorses that we were
trying to save. WE WERE SUCCESSFUL in raising the money to
rescue them. They will be retired at the BLACK BEAUTY RANCH in
Texas, the wonderful sanctuary founded by the late Cleveland
Amory, who as you know, also founded the FUND FOR ANIMALS.

Special thanks to Barbra Stagno of IDA and the people at the
BUNNY HUGGER'S GAZETTE for helping to get word out. We will not
be moving the horses (who also happen to be full brothers), until
the fall, as the torrid weather in Texas makes it impossible to
move them at this time.

These two wonderful guys have never been off the farm or been
separated in their lives. We're looking at a late September/early
to mid-October move, weather permitting. We can all now rest assured
that not only will they never have to pull another plow or drag
another log, but that they will be able to live out their lives
together and in the company of other equines.

We are relieved that this story finally has a happy ending. Again,
I just want all of you who helped to know that DUKE and DON were
literally saved from the butcher due to your concern and generosity.
I will be updating you on their progress as we prepare them for
their trip to Texas.

We will be publishing a hard copy newsletter for EA Members twice a
year, with the first issue going out in the mail this month. (To
become a Member please visit our How You Can Help page for further

In addition, we will be doing a major mailing in October or November,
which this year will be a booklet called, "HORSES IN JEOPARDY."
It will also go out initially in the mail to our membership and then
eventually be posted online. The booklet will focus on the various
areas where horses are still being used, abused and slaughtered.
The pregnant mares' urine (PMU) industry, which involves the use
and/or slaughter of thousands of mares and foals every year in order
to produce Premarin and other drugs made from horse urine, will be
one of the major topics covered, including new developments
regarding the escalation of PMU production in the United States.

IN OTHER NEWS: During the month of May, we rescued sixteen horses,
including an emaciated thoroughbred in New York and fifteen horses
and ponies from the State of Pennsylvania. We continued our rescue
efforts in June by saving two slaughter-bound Amish workhorses (DUKE
& DON) in Ohio and five more Amish work and buggy horses in Pennsylvania.

We also recently placed an aged blind quarter horse mare with a
family in New York and will be placing two more thoroughbreds later
this month. Our mule rescue earlier this year was undertaken because
it has become evident that mules are in serious trouble all
throughout this country. In the East, they are primarily used for
work and then for the most part, discarded at slaughter auctions
when they can no longer perform. In the West and other parts of
the country, they are used on packing strings and also on Amish
farms, with many ending up at the slaughterhouse.

HENRY, HANK AND MARILYN, three of the fourteen mules we rescued
(the other eleven were placed in private homes and sanctuaries in
Oregon, New York, Montana, Ohio and Maryland), were recently sent
to Art Banewicz, an incredible trainer of natural horsemanship in
upstate New York. He specializes in working with abused and
difficult equines and is an expert at gentling mules.

All three of these mules had severe problems due to the cruel and
inhumane treatment they received at the hands of their former
"caretakers." As most of you know, Henry was positively brutalized
in the sales ring at New Holland, one of the worst slaughter
auctions in the East.

(A special note to the "T" TOUCH people who were so kind as to come
forward to offer advice and suggestions when I first wrote about
the abuse that HENRY suffered at New Holland. When I initially heard
from you, we actually had to laugh about trying any of the "T"
TOUCH, methods on HENRY, as we literally could barely TOUCH this
mule at all in the very beginning. Both Henry and Hank were adopted
by the same family, who have given them a great home. I remember
saying to them, "It will be a reason to celebrate when we can
actually touch and work with Henry." Both his mental and physical
scars seemed just overwhelming to deal with in the very beginning.
However, all of the time we spent with him, including the patience
and understanding on the part of the people who adopted him,
combined with the introduction of this wonderful trainer, has
changed all of that, and we will be looking forward to exploring
some of your suggestions and ideas in the very near future.)

In the coming months, we will be featuring on our web site, a
pictorial and step-by-step analysis of the progress that has been
made by using these humane methods to handle and work with these
mules. We will be focusing primarily on Marilyn, who has progressed
to the point of where her fear of humans is now almost entirely gone.
It has been an amazing transformation. All of her progress is being
documented. We will be very happy to be able to share what we've
learned and observed with you. Stay tuned.

Shakespeare's Hamlet could have said this: "SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN
THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA!" This is an important reminder for
everyone to be unrelenting in opposing HB 590, the toxic legislation
moving through the Pennsylvania State Legislature. During the recent
2000 spring session of the Pennsylvania State House of
Representatives, a disastrous bill, HB 590, dubbed the "3-Legged
Horse Bill," passed by an overwhelming margin.

This legislation, if passed by the Pennsylvania State Senate, will
allow for the transportation of crippled and injured horses to
slaughter, or as written in the bill, will allow horses that are
"able to bear weight on three limbs." to be transported to slaughter.
Most of these trips are between 500 and 1,500 miles and equines,
including pregnant mares and foals, will take that last ride without
food, water or rest for as long as 28 hours!

The bill is currently in the Agriculture Committee of the
Pennsylvania State Senate and is expected to pass after the
legislature reconvenes on September 26th. Horses from all across the
eastern seaboard that are dumped at New Holland and other
Pennsylvania slaughter auctions will be affected by this cruel
legislation. The pain and suffering will defy description!

This legislation gives credibility to and further legitimizes horse
slaughter for human consumption, a practice that was outlawed in
California in 1998. While the rest of the country moves forward
with solid humane legislation, Pennsylvania is taking major steps
backward with this barbaric bill. Pennsylvania residents, IT IS
IMPERATIVE that you contact your state senators immediately!

In addition, all PA residents AND non-residents should
write or call:

Governor Tom Ridge
225 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Telephone: (717) 787-2500
Fax: (717) 772-8284

Time is of the essence! There's no time to waste! KILL THIS BILL!
Let's all work together to oppose this toxic, harmful, dangerous
and not to mention INHUMANE legislation.

Also, be sure not to miss the national H.O.P.E. rally on Monday,
September 18th in Washington, D.C. where people from all over the
U.S. will converge on Lafayette Park to protest horse slaughter.
For more information about the rally, how to get there, or how to
contact the organizers directly, go to the official H.O.P.E. Rally
web site

Mark your calendars!
We hope to see you there.

Susan Wagner
P.O. Box 700
Bedford, NY 10506
(914) 278-3095

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